State of Illinois

Ninety-Fifth General Assembly

House of Representative










Offered by Representatives Bill Mitchell-Robert F. Flider-Patrick J. Verschoore-Jim Watson-Jil Tracy, Rich Brauer, Keith P. Sommer, Shane Cultra, Ron Stephens, David Reis, and Raymond Poe





    WHEREAS, Coal gasification technologies are considered a




cleaner method of producing energy by converting coal into a




synthetic gas; the procedure also allows for larger use of




Illinois coal, which many coal-fired power plants have stopped




using due to its high sulfur content; and




    WHEREAS, Last year, Secure Energy, Inc. purchased property




for a coal gasification project to produce synthetic natural




gas from Illinois coal; the $250 million facility would




generate approximately 40 permanent jobs and would use 600,000




tons of Illinois coal each year from the Viper Mine in Elkhart;








    WHEREAS, Secure Energy sought financial assistance from




the State and has been waiting nearly a year for final approval




for a $14,100,000 coal development grant; and




    WHEREAS, Illinois' Coal Development Fund was created to




assist the development of coal and energy projects, especially




projects that promote to use of Illinois coal; and




    WHEREAS, In November of 2007, the Governor removed more




than $10,200,000 from the Coal Development Fund to provide




temporary funding for the Regional Transportation Authority,



and now there is not sufficient moneys in the Coal Development




Fund to support Secure Energy's grant; therefore, be it












in accordance with Section 3-2 of the Illinois State Auditing




Act, the Auditor General is directed to conduct a performance




audit of the activities of the Department of Commerce and




Economic Opportunity and other State agencies with respect to




actions taken under the Illinois Coal and Energy Development




Bond Act, particularly with respect to deposits into and




transfers, appropriations, and other withdrawals from the Coal




Development Fund; and be it further




    RESOLVED, that in accordance with Section 3-4 of the




Illinois State Auditing Act, the Auditor General is also




directed to investigate the propriety of the method by which




moneys were removed from the Coal Development Fund and given to




the Regional Transportation Authority; and be it further




    RESOLVED, that the Auditor General commence this audit as




soon as possible and report his findings and recommendations




upon completion in accordance with the provisions of the




Illinois State Auditing Act; and be it further




    RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be delivered to




the Auditor General.



Adopted by the House of Representatives on May 13, 2008.