State of Illinois

Ninety-Fifth General Assembly

House of Representatives


House Resolution No. 1307


Offered by Representatives John E. Bradley-Robert F. Filder




    WHEREAS, Employees of Heartland Human Services in



Effingham have been on strike since July, 2007; and



    WHEREAS, These employees normally deliver crucial mental



health and substance abuse services that are necessary for the



health, welfare, safety, and quality of life of Heartland



clients and all residents of Effingham County; and



    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois, through the Department of



Human Services and other State agencies, contracts with



Heartland to provide those services; and



    WHEREAS, Because of the strike, only a small fraction of



normal services have been delivered over the past 10 months;






    WHEREAS, Data for the first 7 months of the fiscal year



show that Heartland's billings were reduced by 96%, and the



number of clients served was reduced by 71%; and



    WHEREAS, Many former Heartland clients have reported that



they have gone without services or have received insufficient



services; and




    WHEREAS, This lack of services has placed an unsustainable



burden on Heartland clients and their families, to the point



that one client committed suicide; and



    WHEREAS, Over 25 behavioral health professionals formerly



employed at Heartland signed a statement attesting that



Heartland "demonstrated a disturbing lack of concern for the



well-being of clients" and that the employees had themselves



"felt the lack of respect that management had for employees who



sought to serve those clients"; and



    WHEREAS, Because of the lack of service delivery due to the



strike, the Department of Human Services Division of Alcohol



and Substance Abuse has discontinued grant payments to



Heartland; and



    WHEREAS, The money the Division of Alcohol and Substance



Abuse has not paid to Heartland may be available to fund



increased service delivery by other providers in the area who



are attempting to serve the former Heartland clients; and



    WHEREAS, The Department of Human Services Division of



Mental Health elected to continue to pay Heartland for the



first five months of the fiscal year, despite the lack of



service delivery; and



    WHEREAS, The Division of Mental Health paid Heartland



approximately $200,000 monthly even though virtually no



services were being delivered; and



    WHEREAS, The Division of Mental Health has not been able to



guarantee other mental health providers who are treating



Heartland clients that they will be reimbursed for their



expanded service delivery this year; therefore, be it









State agencies should steward State funding to ensure the



maximum amount of services are delivered to the most clients



possible; and be it further



    RESOLVED, That the Auditor General is directed to conduct a



performance audit of the State moneys provided by or through



State agencies to Heartland Human Services under contracts or



grant agreements in Fiscal Year 2007 and year-to-date 2008; and



be it further



    RESOLVED, That this audit include, but not be limited to,



the following determinations:



        (1) the purposes for which State moneys were provided



    to Heartland Human Services, for each State agency and for



    each amount transferred;



        (2) the nature and extent of monitoring by State



    agencies of how Heartland Human Services used the



    State-provided moneys;



        (3) the actual use of State moneys by Heartland Human






        (4) whether, through a review of available



    documentation, Heartland Human Services has met or is



    meeting the purposes for which the State moneys were



    provided, with specific information concerning Heartland



    Human Services' staffing levels and its compensation of



    management employees; and



        (5) whether Heartland Human Services is in compliance



    with the applicable laws, regulations, contracts, and



    grant agreements pertaining to Heartland Human Services'



    receipt of State moneys; and be it further



    RESOLVED, That Heartland Human Services and any State or



local agency that may have information relevant to this audit



cooperate fully and promptly with the Auditor General's office



in its audit; and be it further



    RESOLVED, That the Auditor General commence this audit as



soon as possible and report his findings and recommendations



upon completion in accordance with the provisions of Section



3-14 of the Illinois State Auditing Act; and be it further



    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be



presented to the Auditor General.



    Adopted by the House of Representatives on May 31, 2008.