Presented by Senator Watson

	WHEREAS, the Office of the Auditor General estimates that there
are over 13,000 separate statutory requirements imposed upon State
agencies; and
WHEREAS, one in five State agencies is subject to 100 or more specific statutory mandates, with some individual agencies directed to comply with as many as 1,000 requirements established by law; and
WHEREAS, the number of statutory mandates has increased at the same time that many State agencies are experiencing reduced staff and other resources; and
WHEREAS, agency responses to audit findings by the Office of the Auditor General indicate that nearly one in seven findings could be resolved by changes in the law; and
WHEREAS, there is no continuing review of State statutes to identify laws that may be obsolete, unenforceable, unnecessarily burdensome, duplicative or of no current administrative benefit; now
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Legislative Audit Commission that the Auditor General be directed to conduct a Special Study of the State agencies for the purpose of evaluating the usefulness and/or necessity of the various administrative statutes of State government.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Special Study shall include, but is not limited to, a determination of those statutes which State agency personnel deem to be:
  1. obsolete;
  2. unenforceable;
  3. unnecessarily burdensome;
  4. duplicative; or
  5. of no administrative benefit.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all State entities subject to audit by the Auditor General be directed to cooperate fully and promptly with the Office of the Auditor General in the conduct of this Special Study; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Auditor General shall commence this Special Study as soon as possible and shall report his findings and recommendations by January 31, 1995 to the Legislative Audit Commission and the General Assembly in accordance with the provisions of the Illinois State Auditing Act.
Adopted this 3rd day of March, 1994.