Legislative Audit Commission



Presented by Senator Demuzio


    WHEREAS, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) is a State school located in the Fox River Valley in the Fox River Valley in close proximity to the national science laboratories based in Illinois; and

    WHEREAS, the primary role of IMSA is to offer a uniquely challenging education for Illinois' students, talented in the areas of mathematics and science, who have completed the academic equivalent of the ninth grade; and

    WHEREAS, IMSA is to demonstrate and provide excellence in mathematics and science education in order to nourish an informed citizenry, assure technological skills for the work force, and assist in the preparation of professionals to serve the interests of Illinois in such fields as engineering, research, teaching, and computer technology; and

    WHEREAS, IMSA spends millions of dollars in State and federal funds to both directly and indirectly serve the people of Illinois as a preparatory institution and the school system of the State as a catalyst and laboratory for the advancement of teaching; therefore be it

    RESOLVED, BY THE LEGISLATIVE AUDIT COMMISSION of the State of Illinois that the Auditor General is directed to conduct a management and program audit of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy; and be it further

    RESOLVED, that this audit shall include, but need not be limited to, the following determinations:

    RESOLVED that the Auditor General shall commence this audit immediately and report his findings and recommendations as promptly as possible in accordance with the provisions of the Illinois State Auditing Act.


        Adopted this 2nd day of March, 1999



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Senator Thomas J. Walsh                          Representative Julie A. Curry

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