Legislative Audit Commission


Presented by Senator Demuzio

     WHEREAS, there are 45 Regional Offices of Education in the state headed by elected Regional Superintendents and state-supported assistants; and

    WHEREAS, the State Board of Education expends funds each year for the purpose of conducting annual financial audits of the Regional Office of Education and Intermediate Service Centers; and

     WHEREAS, there have recently been instances of audits submitted to the State Board of Education by the Regional Offices in an untimely manner; and

     WHEREAS, in Fiscal Year 1999, Regional Offices of Education expended approximately $89 million in federal, state, and local funds; and

     WHEREAS, Regional Offices of Education receive funds from a number0f State agencies, local, and other sources; and

     WHEREAS, the General Assembly must play a strong financial oversight role in guaranteeing that tax dollars appropriated for education are used in the most prudent and efficient ,manner possible; and

     WHEREAS, it is in the greatest interest of the people of Illinois that public education is supported by all of the necessary financial tools and resources available to maintain a quality public education system to benefit all; therefore, be it

     RESOLVED, BY THE LEGISLATIVE AUDIT COMMISSION of the State of Illinois, that the Auditor General is directed to conduct a management audit of the State Board of Education and any other State agency providing funding to Illinois regional offices of education or any other similar entity serving as an educational agent for the State responsible for administering programs and/or distributing State moneys to local school districts (collectively referred to as "ROEs"); and be it further

     RESOLVED, that the audit shall include, but need not be limited to, the following determinations:

  • The sources of funds for the ROEs;
  • ĚThe major purposes and functions of the ROEs;
  • The extent to which State agencies providing funding to the ROEs have in place management controls to review the financial and programmatic aspects of those offices; and
  • Whether a review of selected expenditures by ROEs demonstrates that controls are sufficient to ensure that the services provided by those offices are performed in an efficient and effective manner and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, contracts and grants; and be it further

     RESOLVED, that the State Board of Education, Regional Offices of Education and any other entities having information relevant to this audit shall cooperate fully and promptly with the Office of the Auditor General in the conduct of this audit; and be it further

     RESOLVED, that the Auditor General shall commence this audit immediately and report his findings and recommendations as soon as possible in accordance with the provisions of the Illinois State Auditing Act.

Adopted this 25th day of May, 2000.