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1. To the best of your knowledge, does your allegation involve a State agency in the Executive Branch (for an explanation, see paragraph (b) of "How to Report Fraud Allegations to the Auditor General's Office)?

If your answer is "yes," please proceed to the next question

If your answer is "no," the Auditor General's Office does not have the authority to handle your complaint. Call us or click on "Find Help with Your Complaint" for guidance in contacting the appropriate agency for assistance with your complaint.

2. What executive branch State agency is involved in your allegation?

3. Does your allegation involve an entity doing business with a State agency, such as a contractor or grant recipient?

If yes, please provide any identifying information you have (name, address, etc.) regarding the contractor or grant recipient:

4. Describe the fraud. Please provide as much detail as possible, including name, employing agency and title of person involved, date of occurrence, amount of money involved (if applicable), etc.

5. Do you have any information or evidence to provide supporting your allegation?

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b. Documentation (invoices, vouchers, receipts). Describe (e.g., invoice number, date and amount) and provide copies.*

*Copies may be scanned and sent by e-mail or U.S. Postal Service to the address given in the Instructions.

6. Has your allegation been reported to any other entity?

If yes, please provide name of entity, date filed, tracking number (if available) and status or outcome (if known).

7. Has your allegation been the subject of any grievance proceeding?

If yes, please provide name of entity, date filed, tracking number (if available) and status or outcome (if known).

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