The OAG is currently prequalifying vendors.

Firms not currently participating in the OAG Audit Program are encouraged to prequalify with the Office of the Auditor General.


The prequalification form and related documents may be obtained through the six links below:

1.) Audit Firm Prequalification Form;

2.) Disclosures and Conflict of Interest Form;

3.) Standard Certification Form;

4.) Department of Human Rights Public Contract Number Form;

5.) Taxpayer Identification Form; and

6.) Firm Experience and Resources.



Note: All 6 forms must be submitted as part of the Prequalification Process. Although the Standard Contract Provisions for Audit Contracts is not a required submission for the Prequalification Process, it may be viewed at the following link:


Standard Contract Provisions


Failure to participate in the prequalification process may result in the vendor being ineligible to receive contracts. The fact that a prospective vendor has been prequalified does not necessarily represent a finding of responsibility for a particular procurement. Prequalification does not entitle a prospective vendor to consideration for or award of a contract. Persons may amend statements of qualifications at any time by filing a new statement.

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