P.A. 93-318

The Small Business Advisory Act requires every State agency to make available on the World Wide Web a small business advisory page.

The Auditor General’s Office will use this page to provide small businesses with a plain language explanation of any proposed or adopted rule or new legislation administered by us that affects small businesses. Any such explanation will remain posted for a minimum of 6 months.

Small businesses are also directed to the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunities’ First Stop Business Information Center, which operates as a central clearinghouse, notifying the small business community of each State agency’s rulemakings and changes in requirements affecting small businesses. Information concerning the First Stop Business Information Center can be found on the World Wide Web at



PROPOSED RULEMAKING (posted 01-04-2019):


In the December 28, 2018, edition of the Illinois Register (42 Ill.Reg. 24629), the Auditor General proposed amendments to our Code of Regulations (74 Ill.Adm.Code Part 420). The primary purpose of the proposed rulemaking is to update our Code of Regulations to reflect changes in professional standards applicable to our engagements, including the Government Auditing Standards (also referred to as the “Yellow Book”) and federal Uniform Guidance. Government Auditing Standards are promulgated by the U.S. Comptroller General. The Uniform Guidance is issued by the federal Office of Management and Budget and codified in the Code of Federal Regulations. We are at the same time proposing to shorten the time frame for agencies to respond to our audit findings and recommendations from 21 to 14 calendar days in order to make our audit releases more timely. Finally, we insert language to ensure that our rules do not conflict with other State law pertaining to audits and attestation engagements conducted by other State agencies.


Summary: We do not anticipate any impact on the audit firms performing engagements for our Office as such engagements are already being conducted in accordance with current professional standards.


Comments will be accepted on this proposed rulemaking for a 60 day period commencing with publication.