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Section 30-5 (a) of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act [5 ILCS 430/30-5 (a)] (the Act) requires the Auditor General to appoint an Inspector General:


(i) to investigate allegations of violations of Articles 5 and 10 by State officers and employees under his or her jurisdiction and (ii) to perform other duties and exercise other powers assigned to the Inspectors General by this or any other Act.

5 ILCS 430/30-5 (a)


The Inspector General acts in an independent manner, investigating complaints against employees of the Auditor General's Office and making recommendations for agency action. The Inspector General also oversees the agency's ethics and sexual harassment prevention training programs.


The Office of the Auditor General Inspector General is Mr. Kevin Doyle. He can be contacted as follows:


Kevin Doyle
Inspector General
Office of the Auditor General
400 W. Monroe
Suite 306
Springfield , IL 62703
888/261-2887 (TTY)
e-mail: KDoyle@auditor.illinois.gov





Complaints can be made to the Office of the Auditor General Inspector General if the allegation involves an employee of the Office of the Auditor General. The complaint must relate to the official conduct of the employee. The types of allegations potentially subject to investigation by the Inspector General include: fraud; abuse; corruption; theft; bid rigging; misuse of State property, time or equipment; and sexual harassment.


Anyone who files a complaint should have a reasonable belief that the allegation being reported is true. In addition, anyone filing a complaint must provide sufficient detail concerning the allegation in order for an investigation to be initiated.


Complaints must be filed in writing.


Complaints may be filed anonymously. If a complainant chooses to identify himself or herself, his or her identity will be kept confidential to the extent possible under the law and rules. There may be circumstances under which a complainant's identity, if known, must be revealed.


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