Who May Submit Information

Anyone who is a part of, or interacts with, State government may have information relevant to our audit process, including State employees, State contractors and Illinois citizens.

What Type of Information May Be Useful to the Auditor General's Office?

Our routine audit jurisdiction is over State agencies. We do not generally audit units of local government (such as school districts and municipalities) or private entities (such as corporations and charities). Our role in auditing State agencies generally has two purposes: (1) to determine whether a State agency's financial statements are fairly presented; and (2) to determine, on a test basis, whether a State agency is complying with applicable laws, rules, regulations, contract provisions, policies and procedures.

Our Office does not have the statutory authority to intervene or arbitrate disputes that may arise between State agencies and other entities or individuals. So, for instance, we cannot get involved in an individual's child support case, personnel grievance or contract dispute. However, the information you submit about your experiences may help us identify whether there is an underlying problem that is potentially significant to our audit process. For instance, a citizen who disputes a debt claimed by a State agency may submit information indicating that the State agency's process for collecting, processing and recording payments needs improvement. While our audit process is not designed to determine the amount of that particular complainant's debt, we may follow up on the information submitted to determine whether the agency needs to improve its internal controls and financial reporting for the accounts receivable process. If we note a problem, we will discuss it with the agency and, if appropriate, report it as a finding in our public audit report.

Do I Need to Identify Myself?

No. We review all information submitted to our Office, even anonymously, to determine whether there may be an issue falling within the scope of our audits.

What If I Believe I Have Evidence of a Crime?

The Auditor General's Office is not an investigatory or law enforcement agency. If you believe you have evidence of a crime involving a State officer, employee or contractor, you should report your information to an appropriate investigatory agency. Depending upon the nature of your allegation, reporting might be directed to: the Illinois Attorney General, a State Inspector General (for agencies under the Governor, this would be the Executive Office of Inspector General), the U.S. Attorney or Federal Bureau of Investigation (particularly if federal funds are involved), or the local State's Attorney. You may also report your information to the Auditor General's Office for our possible use in the audit process.

What If I Am Dissatisfied with a Decision Made by a State Agency that Involves Me?

Many State agencies have administrative processes that you may use to appeal decisions that affect third parties. If you pursue these processes and are still dissatisfied, you may wish to consider obtaining private legal counsel. The Auditor General's Office cannot give legal advice.

How Do I Submit My Information?

You may submit your information to:

Via E-mail:

or Delivery:
                   Auditor General's Office
                   400 W. Monroe
                   Suite 306
                   Springfield, IL 62703