Auditor I


Authorities and Responsibilities

Responsible for acquiring basic skills pertinent to governmental auditing in Illinois and applying general audit skills. Exercises major responsibility for gathering data pertinent to the audit, reviewing and comprehending data, documenting pertinent information, and working with the Audit Supervisor(s) or Manager on the printed report, the product of the Office of the Auditor General.

Relationship of the Position to Other Positions

Under the general supervision of a Director; when appropriate under the direct supervision of an Auditor V, Auditor IV and/or Auditor III. Reporting relationships may vary depending upon the nature of the assignment.

Principal Requirements Stated in Performance Terms

The Auditor I:

  1. Develops working knowledge of auditing techniques, Illinois State government, professional auditing standards, and State fiscal practices.
  2. Serves as a contributing member of an audit team, completing assigned duties of limited scope and communicating with the team leader concerning proper methods to be applied in the audit context.
  3. Receives controlled assignments of increasing difficulty and responsibility.
  4. Conducts background research of agencies being audited, including examination of relevant statutes, rules and regulations.
  5. Travels to audit site locations and obtains audit evidence. Performs audit fieldwork which includes visual examination of records and other items and preparation and organization of workpapers showing the results of audit examinations.
  6. Learns to gather, interpret, compile, and analyze data pertinent to audits performed by the office. Reviews data and other information pertinent to the audit.
  7. Participates in interviews of agency staff to elicit factual information.
  8. Prepares preliminary drafts of audit findings and helps draft audit reports.
  9. Responsible for gaining professional experience and ability primarily through on-the-job training.
  10. Performs other assigned or required duties.



Requires at least a Bachelor's Degree in accounting, economics, finance, business administration, public administration, or another degree with a significant relationship to the above tasks. Staffing plans may dictate the preferred fields of study to help the office achieve a desired mix of academic backgrounds and areas of expertise.


None required although preference may be given to those with relevant experience

Other Required Characteristics

Requires strong conceptual, communication, reading, composition, comprehension, interpersonal and analytical skills. Must be able to contribute substantively to audit reports. Must be able to work as part of a team, take initiative, and meet deadlines.

Desired Characteristics

Preference may be given to those with desired characteristics pertinent to the position. Desired characteristics may include but are not necessarily limited to: knowledge of the management structures and operations of Illinois government; experience in a public agency, particularly in Illinois; experience in auditing or with a Public Accounting firm; licensure as a Certified Public Accountant or another professional designation relevant to the position; advanced degree; college courses in computer science, auditing or quantitative methods; working knowledge of research tools and information sources; and practical knowledge of personal computers, especially of word processing, spreadsheet and/or database software.



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